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How to Transfer a domain

This is a step by step procedures on how transfer your domain name by The procedure will guide you from initiation of domain transfer request to completion. The procedure is also applicable from other domain name registrars.

Before you start the domain name transfer request. You need to complete the following requirements.
  • Unlock the domain name through the management console. If the domain name is locked, your domain transfer request will be denied.
  • Retrieve the EPP Key (or Authentication Code as other registrar prefer to call it). You will need this information when you initiate the domain name transfer request.
  • Domain Name administrator email address. NOTE: Do not change the administrator email address when you're transferring the domain name, if you change the administrator email address you have to wait for 60 days before you can transfer the domain name. This is a registry system security implemented to provide additional protection from un-authorized domain transfer. To check your domain name administrator email address, check the public WHOIS record.
Domain Name Transfer Procedures:
  1. Login to your domain name management console. For example, login to to manage your domain name using your username and password.
  2. In Domain Manager page, click the domain name you want to manage/transfer. Or use the filter to search the domain name if you have hundreds of domain names under your account.
  3. Click the General Settings icon, here you will see the EPP Key, click the "Send EPP Key to to registrant email". Check the registrant email mailbox for the EPP Key or Authorization info.
  4. Login to the winning registrar to initiate the domain name transfer request. Login to the website management console using your account and password, click the "Transfer a domain", enter the domain name to transfer, and the EPP Key or Authorization Code. Proceed to check-out, the domain transfer fees varies from $10-$25 depending on registrar pricing. NOTE: When the transfer is completed, additional 1 year registration will be added to your domain name expiration date.
  5. The registry will check if the domain name is unlock, and the EPP Key provided is correct. If correct, the registry will send a confirmation to the domain name registrant/administrator email address. So the current domain name owner (registrant/administrator) will wait for the confirmation email that contains a link to approve or deny the request. The current registrant/administrator "will need to approve" the transfer request. Waiting time for this email is between 2-8 hours.
  6. If everything is approve, the waiting time is between 5-7 days to complete the domain transfer.
Let us know if this guide is useful, leave us your comments or feedback.

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